What’s on my nighstand

This is the very first proper post I will write for this particular blog. Yay! So let us examine what I literally have on my nightstand at this point in time.

  • The all-important alarm clock. One of those illuminate one that start to shine like a raising sun. (Except the bulb is broken and I have yet had time to replace it which means I still get woken up by a beep instead of a gentle ray of light…). I am not a morning person…
  • My favorite IKEA night stand lamp which is vital as I always have a tendency to read something before I go to sleep.
  • A couple of disarrayed necklaces. The ones I forget to take of when going to bed so they end up on a heap instead of hanging off the jewellery tree that I have in the window.
  • Ear plugs… for some reason I just cannot sleep without them. It also comes in handy when my cats decide that they want food at 05.30 in the morning and meow insistently.
  • My mobile phone. Just in case I just have to check Facebook or Twitter or the weather or… Yes, I am slightly obsessed with my phone. It is totally normal, so they say.
  • My Kindle – got it as a gift once as I refused to buy an electronic reader but I have to confess… it is pretty cool. Especially when traveling and in order to get those books that I want NOW (and for a decent price). Currently it holds about 50 books. Mostly urban fantasy, some romance (preferably historic setting) and some comedy (Bridget Jones Diary anyone?).
  • I also love a good aul normal book, that I can read cover to cover. There are always a few on my nightstand. Currently I have:
    • Clive Barker‘s “Weaveworld” – a fantasy novel which I am re-reading for the second time.
    • Kim Harrison‘s “The Hollows Insider” – urban fantasy, part of the “The Hollows” series which I adore.
    • Bill Bryson‘s “A short history of nearly everything” – as I harbor a curiosity and love for science and I wish this book would be part of any school curriculum.
    • Henri Charriere‘s “Papillon” – re-reading it for the third time now. It is just one of those books and stories that grip me every time.

I think I will go to bed and read a bit now. Perfect way to chill out.


4 thoughts on “What’s on my nighstand

  1. A fellow non-morninger here. I feel your pain.

    I can’t do earplugs. But in the place of those, I have that big eye mask thing. Which I don’t know why because it always comes off in the night and ends up under a pillow or on the floor.

    I think I might have to look into a clock like that…

    • The clock is fab! I just wish I would remember to replace the bulb…

      I can’t do the eye mask thing… I move around to much and end up having it either tangled crookedly across my forehead and hair or poking me in the eye.

    • It took me quite some time to find the right ones that I could sleep with and that blocked out enough noise (apart from my alarm). They are a blessing when traveling. Or for shutting out hungry cats. Or the neighbors house alarm…

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