By my bed….

I read somewhere once that what a person keeps on their nightstand, next to their bed, gives you a glimpse into who they are. After proposing this idea to Ivy as a blog topic, I took a look at what was on my own nightstand and realized that, yeah, that is pretty true. Here, unedited, is what you will find on my nightstand:

  • A corded phone, with an old school Ameritech caller i.d. box~ the very first caller i.d. I ever had! Doesn’t it look so primitive now?! Our cell phones do not work well from inside the house (for as flat as all of Illinois is, wouldn’t you know we live in the one spot in our neighborhood that is too low to get good signal strength?), so we have always kept a landline phone around in case the power goes out and our cordless phones don’t work. What does this say about us? PRACTICAL (as well as perhaps, OLD).
  • A glass water carafe. I like it because it’s pretty, but I don’t actually use it that much. I  tend to forget how old the water is in there, and then I don’t want to drink out of it. After I finish writing this, I’ll be washing it out and refilling it with fresh H2O….
  • A hairband. Usually there are several, so this is pretty tidy today.
  • Knobby wooden back massager. In the event that I get lucky.
  • Stack of Books in Progress. They are, from the bottom up:
  1. Against the Gods – The Remarkable Story of Risk (on loan from my father-in-law)
  2. The Mysterious Benedict Society – a story we started reading with the kids, but never finished.
  3. Tender at the Bone – food writing. Really good food writing. I love food writing.
  4. Things I Want My Daughters to Know – a book of discussion topics for parents / daughters. Am reading to determine if it would be good to share with Anna.
  5. The Abs Diet Cookbook – a book of healthy recipes, designed to correlate with The Abs Diet. They have good smoothie recipes, which is what I was looking up.
  6. Paris Was Ours – a collection of short stories / essays about the mark this famous city has left on them, and how it changed or influenced their lives. I ((heart)) Paris.
  7. Bird by Bird – A book on writing, and also life. This reminds me I should write a review on this, because it was a fantastic read. The author, Anne Lamott, weaves together her knowledge and advice on writing well, with her own personal history and observations on life. I am not the kind of writer that Anne Lamott is (fiction), but her advice is sage, nonetheless, for any kind of writer ~ especially one who is looking to improve and grow in that skill. She has a wonderful voice, and her style is a joy to read. I should stop now~ this is not the place for a review…..
  8. The Little Giant Book of Eerie Thrills and Unspeakable Chills – This is Carsten’s. I read a couple of stories to him before bed the other night, and I absentmindedly carried the book back to my room with me.
  • A fan deck of paint chips from Benjamin Moore. I’ve been thinking that I would like to paint our bedroom, so I’ve been looking at color chips. Noel pretends he doesn’t see this.
  • The ever-present Chapstick. Quite possibly the most important item there.
  • Lamp base: Target. Shade: have no idea.

You may notice I have no clock. Well, for one thing, I don’t have one because I can pretty much count on one hand the number of times I’ve needed an alarm to wake me up since Carsten has been born. As for knowing what time it is, well, Noel has a clock on his side of the bed, so if I really need to know what time it is, I can look at his.

So there you have it. I’m an old-school, practical reader who loves back rubs and is addicted to Chapstick! What does your nightstand say about you?


15 thoughts on “By my bed….

  1. I don’t have a nightstand. Does that mean I don’t settle? My laptop is always close to the bed and my cell phone for an alarm. That’s pretty much it… of course, I also don’t have a nightstand, so that might be part of it. My books live in another room, not because I don’t love them, but because I would never go to sleep if I had them in my bedroom. It’s amazing I can sleep with my laptop so close.


    • You are clearly much more disciplined than I am, Elisabeth! I rarely bring my laptop to bed with me, because if I do, it’s just a ridiculous amount of sleep lost to ridiculous things….like Pinterest. Urgh. I like to do something to kind of unwind after I get in bed, and with books, they actually make me sleepy! What is it about the screen that can keep me going, zombie-like, for hours?!

    • Thanks, DNatica! It’s one of the very few horizontal spaces in my house that is lacking in clutter…..I don’t think we’ll ever be doing a “what’s on my dining room table” post anytime soon!

  2. Wow…yours is much cleaner than mine.

    And don’t feel bad about the water. I’m embarrassed (kinda but not really) to admit here I have 2 granola bar wrappers.

    At least your water decanter is pretty. =)

    • Why, thanks, Carrie! But as I said above, it’s one of the few horizontal spaces around here that (shockingly) *isn’t* cluttered.

      As for the granola bar wrappers…..I will only say that just after Halloween, I may or may not have had a few Twix wrappers scattered about there. Good thing we did this little exercise in November!

  3. I love this idea of your new joint blog! I’m looking forward to reading it! My bedside table shares a bit of each of yours. I used to have a big stack of books like Christy’s, but now my Kindle holds most of what I’m reading and is normally in that spot where the stack used to reside. My lip balm is tucked away in a skinny top drawer with writing tools and ponytail holders and a variety of little things I like to have nearby. But I have a favorite photo of my older son there in a frame inscribed with the words “live fully” and that keeps me focused on the important parts of life.

    • Thanks, Rhonda! And why does it not surprise me that our nightstands hold very similar things??! Love that idea of a photo of your son, by the way. That inscription is a good thought to think when you first wake up in the morning.

  4. Well hello! Nice to find you here on this new venture 😉

    Your nightstand looks pretty good 😉
    Mine just has space for a lamp and I use the floor for books and mostly hair elastics.

    Good luck on your new joint venture. xo

  5. To me one of the most amazing things about your nightstand is what you don’t have: an alarm clock. I remember we talked about that before, and I still can’t get over it. I realize you have some early risers in your house. If I didn’t have an alarm, I can guarantee at least one of my kids would miss the bus! Good luck on your new adventure with Ivy! I’m looking forward to reading the new blog!

    • Thanks, Rose ~ Yes, you knew we had early risers, yet you probably didn’t realize the full extent of what that means. There was a period of time (that I wish I could forget, actually) when Carsten went through this phase where he was getting up at 4:45 am……When he finally started sleeping until 6 am or so, I was thrilled! So sad, isn’t it?!

  6. Love this new venture. I like the way it uses the potential of the internet to create something that would have been impossible without it. Looking forward to reading your joint posts.

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