5 things to love and loath about December…

I cannot believe it is December once again. It is the season for parties, mulled wine, home-baked goodies, traffic jams, shopping craziness and much more. It is the season to be jolly (as they say) but also the season to wish myself away to a cabin on a snowy mountain top.

There is a lot I adore about this time of year and lots I can do without. So, for your review, here is a short listing of the highs and lows of December for me:

  • Love: Sparkling lights in every window and candles lit, casting soft shadows across the room making me smile and wanting to cuddle up on my sofa with a blanket and a cuppa. 
  • Loath: Dragging myself out of bed in the darkness, stumbling across the room hitting my toes against every possible object. (Please refrain from commenting on the messy state of my bedroom…).
  • Love: Finding that perfect gift. The kind of gift where you just know that it will cause a surprised and happy smile. Wrapping it all up in Christmas paper, impatiently waiting for the day when it will be opened.
  • Loath: The absolute mayhem in town and in every shopping centre around. I normally wow to spend as little time as possible in any shop in December. All hail internet shopping!
  • Love: Christmas parties, dinner parties, mulled wine breaks – you name it. There is always a reason to meet up with friends and have a fabulous time. Bring on the jolliness!
  • Loath: The consequences from said parties. December is also a time of exhaustion after all these “get-togethers” with or without alcohol. Sometimes I just wish I had a blank calendar for some weekends in December.
  • Love: Snow! I love a white Christmas. The more the better. Nothing beats being outside in the snow the whole day and then coming home to some hot chocolate and an open fireplace. (Yes, that is me many years ago).
  • Loath: Driving in Dublin when it actually is snowing here… prepare for 5 hours journeys to go anywhere (even if it just around the corner). Working from home is a wonderful concept…
  • Love: The build-up to Christmas. I love how the anticipation builds up. Hearing Christmas music everywhere. The decorations are put up. The weather gets colder. Looking forward to meet up with loved ones at Christmas. See ya soon guys!
  • Loath: Writing Christmas cards! Every year it is the same story. I stare at those cards (if I remember to buy them) and am trying to find inspiration as to what to write. This is a subject I have ranted on before, here and here.

All in all… I like December much more than I dislike it. It is also that time of year I can listen to this as much as I want.

Have a good one!


7 thoughts on “5 things to love and loath about December…

  1. Great stuff.

    For me here in Texas, it’d have to be:

    Love – The low, cold temps one day that make it feel like a true winter holiday.

    Loathe – The high, warm temps the very next day that make it feel like a true winter joke.

    We never know what season we’re in from October to March.

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