Photo Challenge: February 2012

While poking around doing some research on Pinterest one day, I came across a link to White Peach Blog, and a posting about a 30 day photography challenge. While my photography skills would still fall under the category of ‘fledgling,’ the challenge was intriguing. After chatting with Ivy about it a bit, we decided it would be fun? interesting? insane?! to do the same kind of photo challenge, here on our joint blog, during the month of February.

The way the photo challenge works is that there is a topic for each day of the month ~ in our case, there will be 29 topics, as this year is a Leap year. Each of us will post a photo according to that day’s topic here on Living 3703.

The topics we’ll be using are as follows:

  • Day 1: Self-portrait
  • Day 2: What you wore today
  • Day 3: Clouds
  • Day 4: Something green
  • Day 5: From a high angle
  • Day 6: From a low angle
  • Day 7: Fruit
  • Day 8: A bad habit
  • Day 9: Eyes
  • Day 10: Childhood memory
  • Day 11: Something blue
  • Day 12: Sunset
  • Day 13: Something creative
  • Day 14: Someone you love
  • Day 15: Silhouette
  • Day 16: Home
  • Day 17: Technology
  • Day 18: Your shoes
  • Day 19: Something orange
  • Day 20: Bokeh
  • Day 21: Faceless Self-portrait
  • Day 22: Hands
  • Day 23: Guilty pleasure
  • Day 24: Animal
  • Day 25: Something pink
  • Day 26: Close-up
  • Day 27: From a distance
  • Day 28: Flowers
  • Day 29: Black and White

So there you have it. This could be a very interesting undertaking, or, we may very shortly be wishing that February had only 14 days.


If you are a blogger who is interested in participating, feel free to join in. Just leave a link to your blog in our comments section for others to find.


5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: February 2012

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    • Thanks, Ines. It’s been fun so far ~ and (speaking for myself) I can’t believe I haven’t missed a day yet! The real challenge here is not only to do a photo a day, but to do one well and creatively. Some days, I’m just not feeling it, and other days, I’m really rushed. In any case, we’re getting it done! Thanks for stopping by!

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