Photo Challenge – Day 2 (What I wore today)

I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my days go something like this:

  • Hair
  • Clothing
  • Make-up

Choose two.

Today, it was hair that had to give. But lucky for you! Because that means that for once, I’m actually wearing something that is not yoga pants and/or fleece!

Photo credit: Carsten

  • Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
  • Jeans: Gap Outlet
  • Boots: Relativity
  • Scarf: Ruche (A store I only recently discovered, but love, love, love. Click here to visit their site, and to see a better image of this scarf, which I -also- love, love, love.)

4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 2 (What I wore today)

  1. Cute outfit, and thanks for the tip on Ruche. You mentioned having to “choose two.” I feel the same about cooking and cleaning, except I have to choose one. Either I make a nice dinner or get my house in order. Choices, choices.

    • Thanks, Rose – Hahaha…sometimes, the “pick one” rule applies here as well. Other days, I don’t really get to any of them. I might have had a slim shot at getting all three today, had I not been “detained” at the gym by people talking to me!! I think I need to start wearing earbuds more often…

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