Photo Challenge – Day 6 (from a low angle)

Wedding reception for some friends, held in a 400-year old salt cellar in Stavanger, Norway.

We sat through several hours of toasts being made in Norwegian, not understanding a word. Still, we had the best time, and it was one of the most elegant wedding receptions we’ve ever attended.


8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 6 (from a low angle)

    • Ah! Is that what is meant by low angle?? I wondered about what, exactly, that mean, but seeing as I was laid up most of the day on the sofa with some kind of respiratory bug, this was the best I could pull out last minute. : (

      So, did you take that pic of the Arc de Triomphe yourself? Way cool. Since you are the photography guy, you should join our February challenge!

      • I dont know what you actually meant by low angle, but I do know that I was pretty low and took the picture looking up… headed back there in 2 weeks, so will try to add another picture for your challenge then…

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