Photo Challenge – Day 10 (childhood memory)

This container holds the collection of shells my grandparents and I brought home with us from a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida. I was so little at the time (maybe 3 or 4?) that many of the details of much of that trip are hazy to me, but my grandparents talked about it so often over the years that the stories and the tales have been forever burned into my memory.

What I do remember, however, was going out, every day, with my little pail, to see what I could find on the beach. I also remember that one night, a small shark and several fish had washed up on the beach and were found dead there the next morning. I was fascinated by it. You can imagine my grandparents’ delight that that one gruesome detail of the trip was not forgotten.

When my grandmother passed away, in 2005, my grandfather gave me these shells, which they’d kept all these many years since that trip. The photo is of the three of us, standing on the beach there. This container is really meant to hold a candle, but I kind of like it with the shells instead.


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