Photo Challenge – Day 13 (Something Creative)

When you’re 8 years old, what do you get your brother for his 11th birthday?

A video game-themed Cootie Catcher, naturally.

Anna made this Cootie Catcher for Carsten:

Instead of the usual categories that you find on cootie catchers, this one has some rather unique ones:

  • Bombs
  • Explosions
  • Zombies
  • Black Ops

The “fortunes” inside are equally unique:

  • A giant toad will come and eat you
  • You will get an F on something
  • You will train bears and own a sniper
  • You will get sucked in a black hole
  • You will be forced to eat mutilated monkey meat
  • You will proceed a level in Black Ops
  • You will fall in a 5-foot hole
  • Your arm will fall off (a little disturbing…..considering it’s currently broken!)

Perfectly, creatively tailored to 11-year old boys, don’t you think?!


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