Photo Challenge – Day 16 (Home)

For as much as I fight the good fight every day against the Law of Horizontal Surfaces, I generally lose. By about 5 pm every day, I raise the white flag and surrender….until tomorrow, when the battle begins again. What is the Law of Horizontal Surfaces, you ask? That any clear, flat surface in your house is bound to draw ‘stuff’ to it. Kind of like how kids are drawn to dirt….or dirt is drawn to kids. Either way.

But for as much as it is the bane of my existence, this is the spot that is at the heart of our home, as evidenced by it having a little bit of everything, representing every one of us, on it at the moment: the remnants an after school snack; a stack of cooking magazines that I’ve been poring over to find a much-sought recipe; an Angel Food cake pan, waiting to be returned to storage after serving its purpose on Valentine’s Day; a library book; today’s paper; and some other miscellany belonging to the kids. Actually, this is (sadly) better than it normally looks on a week night, as the explosion of school papers and homework has already been whisked away.



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