Photo challenge – Day 20 (Bokeh) Bench

I have to admit, when I saw this category I actually did not know what it was. I am still not sure I got it figured out. I figured that it is when certain views or objects are out of focus but I am still a bit hesitant if I have gotten it right. Probably not but hey…

Either way, here is an attempt.


6 thoughts on “Photo challenge – Day 20 (Bokeh) Bench

  1. Bokeh had me a bit confused as well……I thought it had to do with the ‘dots’ of light that you sometimes get when photographing in bright sunlight (as you can see by the photo I just published). Hmmn. I probably should have read the comments here first, from 96arley! I obviously have a lot to learn about photography! (Whose idea was it to do this nutty photo challenge anyway? Someone should shoot her.)

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