Photo Challenge – Day 23 (Guilty Pleasure)

I could just have easily slapped a photo of a bag of Doritos here, and really, it would have been pretty accurate. However, I’m no longer buying Doritos (because I pretty much can’t sleep if they are in the house), and also? A martini seems a tad more refined.

Not being much of a mixed drink kind of girl, I became acquainted with Patron Café when we were in St. John over Christmas, and a waitress with whom we’d become rather friendly brought me a tasting of it. I was instantly sold on this coffee-flavored tequila, though I never even knew such goodness existed. It is so good, it makes Kahlua taste like coffee sludge. And I’m not even a sweet/mixed drink girl….but it was seriously that good.

I found some when we got home, and then checked out the Patron website to find some drink recipes (not a ‘mixed drink’ girl, remember). I found this one, appropriately called Ladies Night. The spirits used in this little guilty pleasure of mine are shown here in the photo, but if you want the exact recipe, you can click on the link to the Patron site to get the specifics.

I haven’t indulged in one in quite a while, so you know, cheers to blogging for presenting me the opportunity to mix one up….all in the name of today’s topic of Guilty Pleasure, of course.


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