Right Now….

Current time: 10:19 am

In my glass: an Americano with cream

In my belly: vanilla protein pancakes

In my ears: the muffled sounds coming from the video game my son is playing in the basement

Out the window: SUN!

What I’m wearing: Black yoga pants; purple fleece half-zip (I think this is the same ‘uniform’ I was wearing last time I wrote a “right now” post….sigh)

Last watched: The Lorax, the movie

Feeling good about: The sun shining; an open calendar today; where the needle landed on the scale this morning

Feeling bad about: Not sleeping well at all last night, and feeling tired and achy this morning.

Next to me: Our cat, Lena, lying on the back of the sofa behind me and watching the birds out the window. Also, an empty cup of coffee that needs to be remedied, soon.

Making me think: Making mental lists of things to cook for the week (what needs to be pulled out of the freezer, what needs to be purchased, etc)


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