About Ivy

So about Ivy… instead of doing a long essay about how she really is named Annuschka Wiesemann which is not very Swedish at all (but she is, Swedish that is) how she normally blogs under the name of Ivy so that people actually can remember how to spell her name and how she met the amazing Christy while blogging, I though I just list a few points about Ivy (aka me) and what I am all about… eh, yes.. exactly.

  • A Swedish girl with German roots living in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Servant to two cuddly cats (Cirrus – b&w, lover of food and long naps and constantly on a diet. Stitch – grey tabby, has a special gif of leaving wet nose prints on every window available when not busy attacking feet or demanding cuddles).
  • Lover of red wine, chocolate and sushi.
  • Cannot imagine getting through the day without a double skinny latte to start with and a good laugh with friends.
  • Practicing Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and loving it. (Albeit the amount of bruises are a bit of a nuisance).
  • Cannot sing well… at all.
  • Can often be found listening to music whiles reading a good novel.
  • Has an ambiguous relationship with blogging muse (suspect muse is a drunken one with a short attention deficit disorder – muse denies this).

You can find my other ramblings under my personal blog: Ivy Blaise’s Blog or drop in to the spot where I post poems whenever the mood strikes: Like A Ship Without A Rudder


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