About Living 3703

Living 3703 is the collaborative project of Ivy and Christy, two bloggers who ‘met’ through, well, blogging. Ivy lives in Dublin; Christy lives in the far south suburbs of Chicago. 3703 refers to the miles between them. Specifically, it’s the distance between a McDonald’s near Christy, and a McDonald’s in Dublin. (Why, thank you, corporate America, for giving us those, um, useful landmarks.)

The notion of doing a collaborative project was just to embark on a fun blogging adventure, with two women, who both love writing, sharing bits of their lives from two different continents. (And if you’re wondering what we could possibly have in common….did I mention the McDonald’s? Well, there you go, for starters. (Kidding.))

It’s fair to say that the direction this blog takes is as yet not wholly defined. You’ll just have to stick around to see…..we may even surprise ourselves.

So, welcome!


You can read more about Ivy & Christy on their respective About pages.

If you have a question or want to contact them, they can be reached at:

living3703 [at] gmail [dot] com.


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