About Christy

Christy lives in a small, midwestern town just south of the spectacular city of Chicago, where she is wife to Noel, and stay-at-home-mom/chauffeur to her son Carsten (10), and daughter Anna (8). Here are the highlights of her (rather ordinary) suburban life:

  • Christy and her husband live in the same town they both grew up in. Her husband happens to be her high school sweetheart.
  • Christy worked in the corporate world for about 10 years, doing customer service/inside sales for a large manufacturer of industrial paints and coatings. She thought it was hard, thankless work. But then, she had kids. Her son was born in 2001 and she suddenly found herself answering to a new boss. So, she happily left the corporate world to stay home and take care of him. (He was much cuter than any of her former bosses anyway, so it was an easy decision.) His sister followed about two years later.
  • When not running said children to-and-fro, Christy can often be found in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe. She used to bake ~ a lot ~ but now she more often cooks (cupcakes are not so conducive to getting back in shape….see bullet point below).
  • She just joined a gym, after being gym-less for about a year. She is still waiting for that ever-elusive ‘runner’s high’ and ‘endorphin addiction’ to kick in. She is also still waiting to fit back into last year’s jeans….
  • Christy loves reading, traveling, cooking, blogging/writing, reading blogs, and is hopelessly addicted to the tv show Mad Men. She has two cats: Missy, a crotchety, old Calico, and Lena, (a.k.a.Tubba), a large-ish three-legged, one-eyed, extremely affectionate Tortie. Surprisingly, her cats fight worse than her kids.
  • Coffee is an essential in her day: the stronger, the better. Cream, no sugar.

Christy can also be found at her other blog, Cat fur to make kitten britches, where she writes about a variety of things, but mostly about her kids and her life.

Want to know more? Email her at: living3703 [at] gmail [dot] com.


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