Photo Challenge – Day 28 (Flowers) Bluebells

I have always loved these flowers. In Sweden they are called “Bluebells” when translated and grow wild. Not sure if they are called the same in English.



Photo Challenge – Day 28 (Flowers)

It’s February, and I live in Illinois, so the likelihood of finding flowers to photograph is something just shy of impossible. So instead, I pulled a favorite from my archives:

If you even ask if I grew that, you obviously don’t know me very well. We just happen to have neighbors who have truly green thumbs.

Photo Challenge – Day 25 (Something Pink)

Swimming By Numbers:

  • Number of swim meets left after this one: 0
  • Number of new swimsuits purchased: 4
  • Number of swimmers participating in the 8 and Under division: 80(ish)
  • Number of events swam: 3
  • Number of events cancelled due to sick swimmer: 1
  • Hours of travel to and from swim meet: 2 (and change)
  • Hours spent at swim meet: 7
  • Minutes of actual swim time for our particular swimmer: 1.5
  • Number of restaurants eaten at that day: 3
  • Number of snacks packed: 8
  • Number of “sport beans” consumed: 2
  • Number of smoothies purchased: 1
  • Number of smoothies consumed: 1/4
  • Number of swimmers cuter than this one: 0