Right now in Dublin

It is once again time to take a snapshot of what is going on “right now” in Dublin, Ireland and more specifically in my little slice of the world.

Current time: 13:34 GMT – oh and look it is cloudy again. Well it was brighter this morning but I was way too snuggled in, in my duvet to bother getting up early at the time.

In my glass: A cup of coffee – strong with a generous dash of milk. Perfect.

In my belly: Cereals, yoghurt, blueberries – yep I am having an extremely late breakfast.

In my ears: The neighbor’s dog barking. It is quiet outside part from that. Sometimes it is just really nice to have silence all around.

Out the window: There is no wind at all so all the trees are motionless, or at least that is how it seems. It is almost like a snapshot in itself; grey sky, nothing moving and silence (apart from the dog).

On the editor: Blue jeans and a blue v-neck jumper with 3/4 length sleeves. And I have even blow-dried my hair!

Last watched: “Game of Thrones” – got the box set and watched all episodes. Brilliant!

Feeling good about: That I stayed in bed all morning and just snoozed for hours.

Feeling bad about: That I did not get up early and get some exercise done as planned.

Next to me: Mobile phone, Kindle, coffee cup, notebook.

Making me think: That I need a holiday to get some renewed energy.


Photo Challenge – Day 29 (Black&White) In the park

The month of February and the photo challenge has come to an end. This is the final day and the final shot for this particular photo challenge. I have really enjoyed it even if there were days when I did not have a clue of what to post.

The final topic is Black & White. This was shot a few weeks ago in Phoenix Park in Dublin.

Photo Challenge – Day 5 (From a high angle) Cliff Walk in Howth

I just realized I seldom take pictures from a high angle. So I actually had to check if I had any pictures that would fall into this category…

Went on a cliff walk in Howth (a northern part of Dublin) a few months back and shot this down towards the bay. I took this with my mobile phone camera as I once again left my digital camera at home.

Howth is a beautiful part of Dublin. I think I need to go back there and take some more pictures one day.

In just this moment

Sometimes it is difficult to find time and most of all to find inspiration for a blog post……..

Meme to the rescue!

As this blog is a joint venture these types of meme’s are also great fun when wanting to make comparisons between the authors. (… let’s pretend that this is not also a lifesaver as I was staring blankly at the page with a frustrated expression).

So thank you Christy for finding us some inspiration!

Current time: 15:58 GMT – that is in Dublin, Ireland right now even though the grayness outside would want to make you think it is bedtime once again. Hmmmm tempting….

In my glass: Well cup really… tea. Good auld Irish Barry’s tea with a dash of milk… and a separate dash for my cat who is addicted to all things dairy (not sure if there is an MA, Milk Anonymous, organization).

In my belly: Oven roasted Mediterranean vegetables with pesto and leftover sausages. I know, a bit of a weird combination but that is the beauty of being single… I can mix and match to my heart’s content.

In my ears: Brandi Carlile’s album “The Story” playing on shuffle. With the added noise of the washing machine in the background – how come is my laundry basket always overflowing…

Out the window: Gray January skies over my neighbors rooftops. I really wish we would get some snow to brighten up the view.

On the editor: Ehmm I am assuming this point refers to what is actually “on me”… I could lie and say I am wearing a very chic outfit  but in reality I am sitting here in a dark blue hoody with the company logo and gray sweats from Roots. I LOVE Roots and they do not exist on this side of the pond to my great despair.

Last watched: On TV: “Notting Hill” – yeah it is a cliché film but it did kill a few hours. In the cinema: “Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows” – I really enjoyed that one!

Feeling good about: The fact that it is Saturday and I got to sleep until 10am. Most importantly though – the amazing people who I have around me.

Feeling bad about: Ouch… I could give you a bit of a list now but in this particular moment I have to say – that the sun is not shining right now.

Next to me: A few notebooks, pens, the all important remote to the iPod docking station and some more tea.

Making me think: Why my internet connection is so infuriating slow at the moment. Skype calls are crashing, pages take ages to download and I think I will have to restart my router. Yeah I know… first world problem.

Now however I think I will shuffle over to the next seating area… i.e. my sofa and just be exceedingly lazy. If you happen to be in the area… have pint of the black stuff, like so many others will have this evening. Here’s to a lovely Saturday.

5 things I like about Dublin

Dublin has been my home for over 10 years now. I ended up here on a whim really. Faced with two job opportunities after university, one in Dublin and one in Amsterdam. My reasoning for picking Dublin was pretty practical – I had been in Amsterdam before but never been to Dublin. Hey presto – I packed my bags (all two of them) and boarded the ferry from the U.K to Dublin.

I am still here. Will I stay here forever… not sure to be honest. I might decide to look around elsewhere, to try a different place yet. We’ll see what happens I guess. (It would involve more than two bags packed though…. a lot more, including two cats who would be less than impressed to be put on a plane…).

The funny thing about Dublin is that it gets under your skin. It is impossible to pin down what it is. I know so many who left Dublin after a few years here; giving out about the place, the weather, the mañana mañana attitude here and the rougher areas around and being glad to leave… yet after a few month away they miss it and often come back to visit.

So as I sit here trying to crystallize 5 things I really like about Dublin, I realize it is not as easy as it sounds. Even so, here we go:

  1. Dublin pretends it is a big (well big-isch) city but it reality it is just one big village. Everything in the city centre is in within walking distance and you are always likely to run into someone you know.
  2. The music. All from the traditional Irish music (which is perfect with that pint) to the many venues around town where you can listen to the latest or quirkiest or up-and-coming artists in a small cosy setting or on the big stage. There are not many artist that bypass Dublin.
  3. Walking down Grafton Street amongst the mix of locals and tourists. Listening to the busking acts that are everywhere on the street. Going off into all the side streets and browse through the shops and have a coffee or two on the way. Or maybe have a pint in one of the many pubs around. The atmosphere is always good (or as they say here, the “craic” is good, and that does not refer to any white powdery substance…).
  4. You can always find a nice restaurant, whether for brunch, lunch or an evening meal. Dublin has a great variety of restaurants from all cuisines around the world. For me that means; brunch at Herbstreet (as I just cannot resist those Eggs Benedict), lunch at Koh (lovely Thai food and the cocktails are not bad either…), dinner at Yamamori Sushi (I just love everything on their menu and spend way, way to many evenings there). Then you can also find more traditional restaurants (such as The Winding Stair which is both a book shop and a very good restaurant) or why not pop into one of the many pubs that also serve food, more known as “pub grub”, and have some spicy chicken wings or a tasty burger with your pint of Guinness or even try one of the pubs that brew their own beers and that also serve really nice food such as The Porterhouse.
  5. Finally and maybe the greatest thing I like about Dublin is all the people I have met here and the great friends I have made. Dublin is a melting pot of people from all over Europe and the rest of the world. I continuously meet fantastic people here and count myself lucky that I have made such fabulous friends from all over the world right here in Dublin.

What do you like about the place where you live?