Right now in Dublin

It is once again time to take a snapshot of what is going on “right now” in Dublin, Ireland and more specifically in my little slice of the world.

Current time: 13:34 GMT – oh and look it is cloudy again. Well it was brighter this morning but I was way too snuggled in, in my duvet to bother getting up early at the time.

In my glass: A cup of coffee – strong with a generous dash of milk. Perfect.

In my belly: Cereals, yoghurt, blueberries – yep I am having an extremely late breakfast.

In my ears: The neighbor’s dog barking. It is quiet outside part from that. Sometimes it is just really nice to have silence all around.

Out the window: There is no wind at all so all the trees are motionless, or at least that is how it seems. It is almost like a snapshot in itself; grey sky, nothing moving and silence (apart from the dog).

On the editor: Blue jeans and a blue v-neck jumper with 3/4 length sleeves. And I have even blow-dried my hair!

Last watched: “Game of Thrones” – got the box set and watched all episodes. Brilliant!

Feeling good about: That I stayed in bed all morning and just snoozed for hours.

Feeling bad about: That I did not get up early and get some exercise done as planned.

Next to me: Mobile phone, Kindle, coffee cup, notebook.

Making me think: That I need a holiday to get some renewed energy.


Right now

Starting a new project ~ like a blog ~ as you’re heading into the holiday season is apparently not the most brilliant of moves on my part. I should know by now it’s impossible to really accomplish much of anything around then. And in addition to feeling like I was swallowed whole by the holidays, my son broke his arm while we were vacationing over Christmas (a whole drama which you can read about in parts on my other blog: Part 1Part 2Part 3), and well, life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, and blogging has taken a back seat.

But we’re back! And hopefully will be more regular around here in 2012. (*fingers crossed*)


Current time: Sunday morning, 6:00 am

In my glass: coffee, dark and strong but tempered with cream

In my belly: Only coffee, so far. I need the caffeine to wake me up first, before breakfast.

In my ears: Lena, our cat, licking her lips after eating her breakfast.

Out the window: Nothing but cold and dark at the moment. The sun won’t rise for another full hour.

What I’m wearing: Light blue fleece half-zip top, black fleece lined pants. I’m always cold.

Last watched: “Lbs.” A movie about a food addict who has a heart attack, and decides to change his life. It won a Sundance film award, but I’m undecided about how I feel about it.

Feeling good about: Our dinner with family last night.

Feeling bad about: Not resisting that slice of cake after dinner last night.

Next to me: My coffee, a box of photos from a trip to Finland in 1985, a mess of papers that need sorting, and a cat

Making me think: The boxes of old photos my mom, my sister and I went through last night.  So many pictures! What am I going to do with them all?